It has been a little while since my last post. Things have been moving fast in all aspects except the finalizing of my book. December seems so far away. I have been thinking about what to write but I just don’t want to give the book away. There is so much action and good story to this book that you can sink your teeth into. I have been very vague in many parts because I would like you all to enjoy the story when you read it. So on that note I decided to make a prelude to the story, I hope you enjoy. Thank you all for your support and your continued interest in this amazing tale.

 He closes in for a kiss, full beautiful lips begging to be kissed. His eyes cool blue pools made for seduction. I move to close, that slight distance to taste that sexy mouth.


Get up Lulu, its time to get moving!

Ugh, I moan as I am awaken from a favorite dream, once again. My eyes open and the day has just begun to make its noisy start. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. New York was my home, It always has been. Ever since my father left my mom and I all those years ago. It was a horrible day,  I remember mom begging him to stay for my sake. But when he looked at me, his eyes were hard and cold. He turned his back to us, walked out the door, and to his girlfriend waiting in the new car he had just bought. He wanted more. I will never forget that last look. It was coming up to the that time again, the day he left. Maybe that’s why mom has been acting weird. But this time, she’s different, this time it feels like more. She has been watching me, like she is waiting for something to sprout from my head. I guess I will ask her again, maybe this time she will open up to what’s on her mind.

Well enough on that thought. It’s time to get moving the store won’t open it’s self!


I hope you enjoyed my glimpse in Lulu’s past.

Far and few

Tonight I decided to reflect on a few things. How many times, have you stopped and really taken a moment to reflect on the simple things in life that make you happy. Simple as a child’s’ giggle, a snowflake, stars on a beautiful night, or that moment that gives you a feeling of “Yeah that makes it worth it!”.  If we are lucky we have someone to share these moments with. So tonight’s blog is about enjoying a simple thing in life. Something that just makes you chuckle. Enjoy!

“Matthew said you were up. Why didn’t you call?”
“I am eating. I ordered the most expensive thing on your menu. And I don’t want it to get cold, so I am eating.”
“Broccoli soup is hardly the most expensive thing on the menu. Besides you don’t like any of the expensive things on my menu. You don’t like prime rib or oysters.”
“Why the hell would you want to eat that crap?”
“Well, they’re very romantic, and the oysters are an aphrodisiac—not that I need it, mind you.”
“Well, you still can keep them; I’ll stick with my soup.”
This had him laughing. It was good to hear him laugh. The times that Mani truly laughed were few and far between.