The beginning of becoming an Author…

I was asked one day why I hadn’t published one of my books. Then this person asked if my husband was/wasn’t behind me with pursuing this dream. That is when this stubborn woman decided to go for it and submit my book to a publishing company.

I was furious that I needed an approval for something that I had worked hard to create. So like I said being the stubborn woman I can be, I took it as a challenge.

I searched out several publishing companies and even talked to several. When it came down to actually handing over the manuscript i decided on Dorrance. With their many years in the publishing industry, I knew I had found the right publishing company for me.

Three days later I received an email from Dorrance. When I read the email I started to cry tears of joy. They stated that my book would be an asset to their list of titles. I immediately called my family and dear friends to share my good news.

This was my first day of being a new Author. Check back next week and see what happened next.



7 thoughts on “The beginning of becoming an Author…

  1. Joanne says:

    From one stubborn woman to another, it’s about darn time. Wait until the rest of the whole reads the rest of your books. J.k.rowling look out!

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