And it begins.

Welcome  My name is Christine and I want to thank all that have been apart of this journey. I have told you why I published the book and how I came up with it. Now I am going to share a little more about my book with you all. The book wouldn’t have been written if my twin nieces hadn’t inspired me to write it. I had told them about the dream and the BBQ sauce, and what happens to the main character next.  They were happy when they had the first few chapters to read. That is when I knew that I had them hooked.  This book is a fiction romance. I work in the medical field and have enough reality so I write fiction for fun. This is not a sappy love story by any means. The main character Lulu has many relationships that make her who she is and who she will become. She is a stubborn, strong minded and soft hearted young woman. She lives with her mother in New York where she helps her mom out with her fresh produce store. She has four men that are in her life. The one I am going to talk about now is Matthew. Matthew is a very large man, he works at the club across the back alley from the produce store. This is Lulu’s closest and dearest friend. Matthew is very protective of Lulu and stands up to her stubborness and her temper.

So as My book is now at the publishing company being edited and the cover being designed, I wait just like all of you to see the finished result.  See you next week and I will tell you a little more about Master of the spirit.



4 thoughts on “And it begins.

  1. Alison Wickman says:

    We knew you would not let us down. You are an incredible writer and you have some of the most amazing ideas. Once we heard your dream, there was no way we were going to let you get away with not writing this book. I am so happy for you and I hope everyone else loves your books just as much as I do. I can’t see how they couldn’t.

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