Personality traits

This week I want to talk about personality.  It.s life’s struggles and life’s rewards that molds our personality. We all start from birth and every day molds us. It is how we handle each event that strengthens us or can definitely make us have a weak moment. It’s within these moments that our true self emerges. Are you a fighter or one to flight? Personally I take life’s struggles and learn from them. Then fight like hell so that it will not repeat itself. I believe this is not something we are born to do, but something we learn to do.

With this said I will tell you When I wrote the character Lulu she was definitely going to be a fighter. She has taken her life’s struggles and created a strong woman from them. Well that and a few lessons on self defense from her friend Matthew. There is a young man that Is in Lulu’s life that believes that he needs to be aggressive in his intentions toward her. This of course, doesn’t go over well with Lulu. Being the strong,sarcastic,courageous, young woman she is; she has no problem handling the situations that come her way.

See you next week and thank you for your continued support. I am just finishing up with the first edit on my end then its back to Dorrance for a final check. Looking forward to June and the release of this book.


2 thoughts on “Personality traits

  1. Joanne says:

    Strength comes in many forms. I see a lot of them in you. Wait until the world reads some of your other books. You have always amazed me!

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