The stranger

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This week I have decided to talk about a character in the book that you will love to dislike. We all have people in our lives that cause problems and they go out of their way to cause trouble. Our Lulu is no different. Unfortunately she ends up with more than one. There are those what wish to control her and the new powers she will gain. But with Lulu comes another, her name is Pharaoh. Pharaoh is Lulu’s spirit guide that she must earn with her bravery and determination. And because of Pharaoh others become enemies to Lulu. Here is an actual part from my book Master of the Spirit. This is where for the first time they have been seen by the stranger that has been at the club behind her mothers store.

He just stared out the window at me, so I turned out the light. I stood in the dark window and watched her lead him away.
“He watches you!” Pharaoh said.
“I don’t care if he watches me Pharaoh. Apparently I don’t mean what I thought I did to him.”
“Wrong him Lulu! Up on the terrace, he’s smoking and watching, even still.
You need to move out from the window Lulu, I fear he means us great trouble.”

Yes, I know it’s a tease. but I don’t want to give too much away. I still await the proof pages, but things are moving fast. Time is counting down to the release of the book and I couldn’t be more excited. Please remember that all content from actual book is copyrighted. Have a great week and I will add more next time.


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