Tonight I thought about several things I wanted to share with you about the book. And because of the week I have had so far I believe this one is in order. You know that Pharaoh is Lulu’s spirit guide and Lulu is to help protect Pharaoh from hunters. (If not then there is a very brief background) I won’t be sharing what Pharaoh is ( sorry you have to read the book to find out ) So here is a little bit of the book and what kind of personality Pharaoh has. Enjoy…

She wiggled her nose as she came close.
“You smell different. Why do you smell so different?”
“Apparently, I need to mask your scent! It seems that you have changed the way I smell to others of my kind. And it’s supposed to keep the less desirable males away from me and you.”
“I do not fear the weaker of my species. I enjoy a challenge!”
She showed her teeth and added glare to her eyes, then suddenly made a few quick moves just to prove how agile she was.
“I am not weak; I am Omega female!”
She stood stern and proud.
“Just like you, I put up a good fight.”
“That, you do, Pharaoh. My name is Luann Ren, but you can call me Lulu.
“Well, Lulu. We have much to learn about each other.


One thought on “Omega

  1. Julia says:

    I am excited for your readers! Today is June first! This is a very special and milestone month for you- your book and your graduation! I am so proud of you and your accomplishments! I cannot wait to buy this book and read the entire thing! There are some young friends of your nephews that will enjoy this book- I am excited to have them buy and read the book too! Then there are my friends at work…. It is all so close for you now… So exciting!

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