Kicking some ass

Another fine week almost done. This week was particularly great! Not only did I get a good final grade in my class (college) but this Sunday my classmates and I walk to receive our Associates Degree.  So feeling like I have kicked some major butt working toward this goal, I have decided to share a part of Lulu, and one of her butt kicking moments. Please remember that this actual work is protected by copy write ….Enjoy…..

“I said stay back.”
“I don’t think so. You don’t know it yet, but you’re a dead man. If you think you’re getting out of here with her, you’re so wrong.”
“And all I have to do is stick this through her, and she’s dead.”
Well, that told me “it” was a knife. So I ran the options in my head. When I came up with my move, Matthew laughed.
“Dude, you are so screwed. As we speak, your very life is going to change.”
While he was distracting him, I snuck my good hand under my sling and made my move. I stomped on his foot and grabbed the wrist holding the knife at the same time. When I had a hold of his wrist, I twisted it until it gave a few stress cracks. Then I added a knee to his groin, just for good measure.

On another note the book is not going to be released this June we are currently making arrangements for another date. I will inform you as soon as I know when it will be released. In the mean time I will continue to blog about this wonderful tale. Happy Reading…


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