Random…. I have your back.

This week I decided to let fate be the inspiration for this blog. So, as my book loads I will scroll somewhere in the book and do a blog on where ever it lands. So this is my random blog for the evening………..I have your back, is the title of this weeks blog.

Well it sure will be interesting, let’s go back a little In the post about the stranger. There is a character named Master Nu that is a thorn in Lulu and everyone else side. The particular part where I randomly came to was, just after a confrontation between Master Nu, and Lulu. Other people involved are Matthew and a not so nice man named Thomas. Even though Lulu is new to her acceptance of her spirit, Master Nu feels he controls her fate. Lulu on the other hand well….. Not so much.. Here is my tease for this week… Enjoy.

I paced the room while I waited for the two men to leave. After a short time, there was a small knock at the door and I heard Matthew’s voice.
“Coast is clear; you’re safe to come out,”
I opened the door, and a big relief washed through both of us.
“So, how bad do you think it is?”
“It’s not good. It seems that Thomas feels that he is entitled to a stake in your future.”
“Screw that.”
“That’s what I tried to tell them. But I’m not the same as you and Mani. So whatever I say holds nothing to them. Come on, let’s go. Mani will handle it; he is the only one Master Nu might listen to. You know I would have done whatever it took if things went bad, right?”
“Yeah, I know you would, Thanks Matthew.

Have a safe week, see you again soon…


2 thoughts on “Random…. I have your back.

  1. Joanne says:

    It’s funny, how as we age in life thinking we have all theses “friends” that would have our backs if we were to ever need them.Then something terrible or life altering happens to you and surprise the one and only true person in your life presents themselves. We are fortunate. We have a strong family and we all watch out for each other.

    • Cherish the real friends and remember how much to trust those that are supposed to be a real friend. Family such as ours is irreplaceable. It’s what has made us who we are and made us strong individuals. And I will have your back. 🙂

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