Is he a friend, or is he more ?

I decided to introduce another character from Master of the spirit. Remember when you were younger and there was always the guy (or girl) next door. You were definitely friends but should you be more? What happens when you don’t feel the same way about each other? Lulu and Justin have been friends for years. His mother was good friends with Dede (Lulu’s mother). When is, enough, enough! How far should you let things slide before you end the relationship completely? Here is a glimpse of Justin. Enjoy!

We made the signs, and Justin sat next to me by the counter. I tried to avoid getting too close to him, hoping we wouldn’t have to do the “just friends” talk again. So far, it was working. I avoided a few instances by helping customers and by keeping on the move. It was about a half hour later that I heard the back door of the store open. I didn’t worry about it because there were only a select few who had a key to get into the back. I figured it was my mom coming back from her all-important meeting. But it wasn’t. And to my great relief, it interrupted Justin’s beginning of the “Let’s give it another chance” speech.

Hope you liked the brief look at Justin. There is so much more…….


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