Always room for the bad guy.

It took many years for me to become what I am, and now they expected me to just turn over “MY” power. Ungrateful, pitiful, and weak bunch of so called spirit guardians. They can’t get rid of me that easily! I waited once for a sign of weakness I can wait for another.

Master Nu.


What can I say! this character is sneaky, underhanded and someone to not turn your back on…..


3 thoughts on “Always room for the bad guy.

  1. Joanne says:

    The wait for this book is unbearable. Do we have an exact date yet? We must have copies. Hopefully for two young ladies under the Christmas tree?

  2. Julia says:

    Love the snippets on the characters! Would love to sit and hear Gram’s stories! I am so excited for December to get here and buy copies to give as gifts! We are inching closer to the finish line!!! Love you and always proud of you!💚

  3. Thank you for all the support I can’t wait for the release. I have yet to see the cover and get the release date. It can’t come soon enough for me. As far as I have been told the release is still this December. Looking forward to getting this book out there. Thank you for all the support during this long journey. My love and gratitude to all that have been following me through this..

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