Not long now!

Well December is around the corner. I can not be any happier with the way the pages have turned out. They made me swell with pride to see my name and the title of the book incorporated on the pages.   Love the way the writing gives the fiction feel to the story. So as a count down to the release of the book I have decided to list each character and a little about them, and to explain their role in this story. So I will start with the eldest male of this story. He isn’t in the book a whole lot, but he is important for the end and the future of the book to follow Master of the Spirit. (which is in the making Master of the Spirit/ The New Rein)

Rese Ren.

Rese is the eldest living of the remaining elders of the protectors of the spirit world. He has only one enemy. His spirit is the oldest among them all and his name is Nile. Their element is water and they have been together for many decades. Rese is not a man who is easy to be around and is even more uncomfortable around his own kind. But when he is needed Rese won’t let the spirit world down..

Hope you enjoy a little about Rese.

When I get to Pharaoh I will finally tell you all, just what kind of spirits these special people (Lulu , Rese) protect…

I apologizes for the long delay in a new post, I have been working on moving my mom into her new home and my new career as a CCHT.  I am back and excited to share who these colorful characters are in this fun book.


Is he a friend, or is he more ?

I decided to introduce another character from Master of the spirit. Remember when you were younger and there was always the guy (or girl) next door. You were definitely friends but should you be more? What happens when you don’t feel the same way about each other? Lulu and Justin have been friends for years. His mother was good friends with Dede (Lulu’s mother). When is, enough, enough! How far should you let things slide before you end the relationship completely? Here is a glimpse of Justin. Enjoy!

We made the signs, and Justin sat next to me by the counter. I tried to avoid getting too close to him, hoping we wouldn’t have to do the “just friends” talk again. So far, it was working. I avoided a few instances by helping customers and by keeping on the move. It was about a half hour later that I heard the back door of the store open. I didn’t worry about it because there were only a select few who had a key to get into the back. I figured it was my mom coming back from her all-important meeting. But it wasn’t. And to my great relief, it interrupted Justin’s beginning of the “Let’s give it another chance” speech.

Hope you liked the brief look at Justin. There is so much more…….