Random pick

Hello and welcome back. Tonight I decided to do another random blog about the book. Since the page proofs I have not heard from Dorrance yet. December is still the release month yet I don’t have the date as of right now. Tonight’s blog is rather funny because no matter how old we get we always have someone else to answer to. And our young rebellious Lulu is no different. (even though she detests it, lol) So here is another little snip-it from the book.
Again- the reminder all parts of this book is protected by copy right.
This particular part is when Matthew and Mani had stepped into Lulu’s business and made it their own. Lulu was not very happy and decided to go into a snit about it. This is where she tells Matthew that she just might go out and find some other form of entertainment.
“Yeah, you might do that. Then again, you might get put over a couple pairs of knees for doing just that.”
A few words rapidly came to my lips, and I instantly bit down on them. Because I knew very well that Matthew was more than capable of doing just that. And he would totally enjoy the embarrassment that it would cause me.
And on that note, I went home. As I stomped my way home, I heard Matthew tell me that he would see me tomorrow. I swear the top of my head was going to blow. Here I was a grown woman, and I had everyone around me telling me what I was going to do.
Have a wonderful week and see you again soon!


Page proofs

I am beyond excited to share a picture with you all tonight. I was able to look over my page proofs for Master of the spirit. I must say I love them!!!!

Thank you all for your continued support and here is the cover page…..


Now waiting for book cover 🙂


You know by the look in the eyes.

Tonight I decided to do another random post. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this one, but I came to this particular part twice tonight. So, here it is.

The eyes are the way into the soul. They show joy, love, sorrow, and fear with little complication. How many times have you looked into someones eyes and known what they are about to say. Your heart sinks when you see the look of sorrow or hurt in those eyes you care so deeply for.  When I wrote this I tried to incorporate those feelings into words to describe that look.  So here this weeks sneak peek at Master of the Spirit.  ENJOY!

He set down the spoon and put his arms around my waist, pulling me in close. He nuzzled my neck and shoulder. And it wasn’t until he heard the soft vibrations that he looked me in the face. His eyes: ice blue. But a look of worry was set behind those enchanted eyes. His look was starting to make me nervous.
“Mani, please tell me what has put this—this look—on your face.”
When I traced the lines on his brow, he caught and kissed my hand.

On another note I have been asked to get pre-order addresses from anyone interested in purchasing the book when it becomes available. So if any of you are interested you can email me your mailing address and you will receive a flyer from Dorrance. Thank you to everyone for all the support. Have a great week!


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The man card!

I was reading the blogs I follow this week and there is two on the same subject that has stayed with me. The subject is feminism. I don’t want to start a debate!!!! Although I will share my view on the matter. Women are different from men! Some women are larger than men and some are smaller. We are all created in a variety of shapes and sizes. No, personally I can not do the same job as a professional carpenter. I lack the size and skills. But, I can be the best dialysis technician that I can possibly be and the best writer to my followers. I believe that a man shouldn’t hit a woman, and a woman shouldn’t hit a man. Believing in being equal to a man shouldn’t mean that either one has to be superior. Its called compromise.  So, on that note my blog will be on Mani tonight and his Man Card! lol  It’s for fun, and is meant for enjoyment. So enjoy!

“I won’t apologize for trying to protect you.”
“I didn’t ask you to.”
Mani walked around and stood in front of me. I had been setting on the bed waiting for the talk about the dominance. We were going to have to come up with some kind of agreement on that.
“Then why did you leave the hotel and not do as I asked and come up here?”
“Your words were ‘to get my ass moving.’ So, I was going to head home.”
“You would leave here over this?”
Now it had to be said. I tried my hardest, but the tears were coming again. I guess today was a day for tears. When I looked at him, I wanted him to know how much it had hurt me when he treated me that way.
“You used the man card on me.”
“Damn it, Luann. I didn’t use it to hurt you; I was desperate to get you safe. There is a big difference.”
He got down on his knees and lifted my head so we could see eye to eye.
“Lulu, I would never use it in any manner that would make you feel like you weren’t in control. I am nothing like Master Nu, you know this.”
“I know, but it didn’t help matters. What would I do if something happened to you? Just like you, I wanted to be sure you were safe too. I could have helped you somehow.”
“You helped by getting out, so there wasn’t a chance for them to use you against me.”
“I still don’t have to like it. And the next time you do that to me, I am going to kick your ass.”
“Okay, next time you can kick my ass. If you can, that is.”

I hope you all have a great week!  Be safe and see you again next weekend.



Random…. I have your back.

This week I decided to let fate be the inspiration for this blog. So, as my book loads I will scroll somewhere in the book and do a blog on where ever it lands. So this is my random blog for the evening………..I have your back, is the title of this weeks blog.

Well it sure will be interesting, let’s go back a little In the post about the stranger. There is a character named Master Nu that is a thorn in Lulu and everyone else side. The particular part where I randomly came to was, just after a confrontation between Master Nu, and Lulu. Other people involved are Matthew and a not so nice man named Thomas. Even though Lulu is new to her acceptance of her spirit, Master Nu feels he controls her fate. Lulu on the other hand well….. Not so much.. Here is my tease for this week… Enjoy.

I paced the room while I waited for the two men to leave. After a short time, there was a small knock at the door and I heard Matthew’s voice.
“Coast is clear; you’re safe to come out,”
I opened the door, and a big relief washed through both of us.
“So, how bad do you think it is?”
“It’s not good. It seems that Thomas feels that he is entitled to a stake in your future.”
“Screw that.”
“That’s what I tried to tell them. But I’m not the same as you and Mani. So whatever I say holds nothing to them. Come on, let’s go. Mani will handle it; he is the only one Master Nu might listen to. You know I would have done whatever it took if things went bad, right?”
“Yeah, I know you would, Thanks Matthew.

Have a safe week, see you again soon…

The Ride

Well it has been quite a busy time for me this month so far. I Graduated with the class of 2014 this month with my Associates in Applied Science.  Then Tuesday the 17th of this month I was involved in an automobile accident. It seems that my 2007 Solstice will no longer be road worthy. This is very sad for me, but I am very thankful that I am alive. It was my first ride in an ambulance and hopefully my last. Believe it or not there is a small part in the book Master of the spirit about such a thing.  Lol. Go figure! So here is a tease on that part……

     Matthew must have called the front desk and had them call an ambulance. By the time we made it to the front of the hotel, there was a crowd gathered and photographers were taking pictures. In the ambulance, a young man took both our vitals and did a quick evaluation of our wounds.

Like I said, a tease I can’t give it all to you now, how much fun would that be…

On another note the book will be out in December! I am hopeful to get it out sooner but that seems to be the deadline for right now. I was hoping for a release much sooner, but contracts are contracts and there are many factors. Please bear with me and I will continue to share what I can about this great tale. Happy weekend everyone and have a safe and happy week.