The Journey Continues.

So many things have happened since my last post. I have taken my education and applied it into another direction. To those of you that are or were a patient of mine I will always cherish our time together. I have become part of the Jack Cooper Transportation Corporation. I have been busy learning their ways and trying to incorporate good habits. Lol, well at least try! I work in the shop and work with the mechanics and their shop managers. They have been really nice to not roll their eyes at me!!! In truth, I ran/owned a trucking company and my father was a mechanic. So this change is like when I was young back in the shop of my dad’s.

On the book end of things:
May 30th the book was introduced at an expo for new Authors. I have had positive feed back from this.
I met with Ms. York at the local restaurant in my town. Ms. York is a writer for the Owosso paper in my area. I was honored by being interviewed for the local paper. The print is supposed to be released this Wednesday. (hopefully)

The plans for the future:
Well, thanks to my mother I am lucky enough to go to England, Ireland and Scotland. My mom, niece and myself leave on this wonderful trip in Aug. I have been working on the second book to Master of the Spirit (The new Rein)
And this trip will bring so many wonderful things to the book. As I stay at each hotel, I am leaving a copy of the book in hopes that they will enjoy it as much as I do.

Hint for this blog

She is one of the oldest legends of the water……..


Let it begin.

Well I’m happy to inform you all that I have received very nice reviews on Barnes and Noble. Thank you to all that have purchased my book. I am curious to what you feel was one of your favorite parts of the book? If you have read the story or even the blog here. Please let me know what part you found interesting or a part you enjoyed.  I have several parts that I particularly enjoyed. The BBQ part where she is tested by Pharaoh. Where Lulu kicks some butt, and how Lulu and Mani work as a team to not only help their future but those of the dragon spirits.

Ok, here is my little bit of information for this blog. Each dragon is tied to an earth element.

Pharaoh- named after Egyptian times-Pharaoh of the waters.

Azulure- means of the sky/air

Nile- The river Nile

Durell- earth



Nimbus- water and air

Hope you find this little bit of information interesting. See you again soon.

Its all about the Characters…

The next character I am going to introduce is Gram, Or Grandma Ren. This is Lulu’s mothers, mom. She was a powerful woman in her day and continues to be the strong support in Lulu’s life and her new life to come. Here is a small part of their legacy that has fallen into Lulu’s life…..


She talked about our ancestors and our heritage since I was little. My grandparents had moved here from Greece. I sat there and listened to my mother go on and on about this ancient prophecy and how my grandmother was some Omega and how the time has come again for a new member. My mother was always going on about spirits. It wasn’t completely out of the norm for her to talk about spirits. But now she was making me a part of it.
“So you’re telling me that Grandma has a spirit within her. And now it’s time for a new one in our family?”
“So, why can’t it be you?”
“Because I am not the right age, and I have already had you. When your father and I had you, it meant that the next generation was to carry on the legacy”
“What does age have to do with it?”
“Because one needs to be strong and healthy and without a mate. Our bloodline has joined with that of the spirit for generations. We protect our kind. I am too old for this, Lulu, and I don’t have the strength needed to accept the beast.”

See you again soon with another character from Master of the Spirit..

All portions from this book are copy wright protected.


It has been a little while since my last post. Things have been moving fast in all aspects except the finalizing of my book. December seems so far away. I have been thinking about what to write but I just don’t want to give the book away. There is so much action and good story to this book that you can sink your teeth into. I have been very vague in many parts because I would like you all to enjoy the story when you read it. So on that note I decided to make a prelude to the story, I hope you enjoy. Thank you all for your support and your continued interest in this amazing tale.

 He closes in for a kiss, full beautiful lips begging to be kissed. His eyes cool blue pools made for seduction. I move to close, that slight distance to taste that sexy mouth.


Get up Lulu, its time to get moving!

Ugh, I moan as I am awaken from a favorite dream, once again. My eyes open and the day has just begun to make its noisy start. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. New York was my home, It always has been. Ever since my father left my mom and I all those years ago. It was a horrible day,  I remember mom begging him to stay for my sake. But when he looked at me, his eyes were hard and cold. He turned his back to us, walked out the door, and to his girlfriend waiting in the new car he had just bought. He wanted more. I will never forget that last look. It was coming up to the that time again, the day he left. Maybe that’s why mom has been acting weird. But this time, she’s different, this time it feels like more. She has been watching me, like she is waiting for something to sprout from my head. I guess I will ask her again, maybe this time she will open up to what’s on her mind.

Well enough on that thought. It’s time to get moving the store won’t open it’s self!


I hope you enjoyed my glimpse in Lulu’s past.

This has been a very busy week for me. I hope you all had a good week. I have been editing the first return from the editor, and let me say I lack some grammar skills. (Lol.) I have been very happy with what I have seen so far. I want you all to enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.  So, because of the week I have had I will share a part of the book about life’s struggles. There are a few emotional struggles that Lulu has to concur, here is one of those.

Because Lulu was raised alone by her mother. when life’s changes and circumstances arise, she is faced with a hard reality. In order to embrace what she desires, she must leave the very woman that has helped make her who she is. But, Dede, being the mother she is, already knows how to handle Lulu’s reluctance in moving on.

Life is all about changes, it is up to us to make them work. See you next week. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact me. Twitter or here on word press. Have a great week everyone.